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Dec 4, 2013 6:00pm PST
. napa 27. fairfield 35. it will be colder tomorrow. we will see teens in the north bay valleys. inland 18, 19 degrees in some places. it will be chilly. records as well. check it out. we will get a record in napa, san francisco, oakland. livermore. san jose. it will be a cold day tomorrow. coldest in a while. coming back in 10 minutes, the freeze warning, the coldest day, tomorrow is going to be the coldest day and the rain comes back in and that will add snow levels to the mix. i will have all that in 10 minutes. ktvu's rob roth is live in san jose where measures are being taken to protect those at risk. >> tough night to be outside. you can't see from here but behind she a homeless -- me is a homeless encampment. >> reporter: people from the community handing out blankets and jack toots homeless people and -- jackets to homeless people and it is still going on right now. >> it gets foggy down here. >> reporter: he has been homeless for a year after he lost his job. she one of -- he is one of 150 people living in this homeless camp. he said the cold nights have been brutal. >> cold wa
Dec 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
in napa county. caltrans had a couple of snowplows this afternoon. the first flurry of snowflakes in ukiah after 3:00 this afternoon. this picture shows highway 101 at southbound north state street. >>> the rain, snow and continued freezing cold temperatures all make for a deadly mix for people living on the street. robert handa is in san jose tonight where unfortunately three people have died from hypothermia. >> reporter: less than an hour ago at the sheriff's department, emergency agencies released information that basically confirm what we've been reporting throughout the day. this cold snap is not only dangerous, it's deadly. >> emergency workers handed out blankets and supplies at this homeless encampment in san jose where santa clara agencies say a homeless man died in the cold snap during the past two days. other homeless people there were sad about the death and worried about themselves. >> it scares me because i'm going through the same cold. it's very freezing at night. i can't sleep. >> reporter: today the medical examiner's office and public health officials say three homeless
Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
into the upper 20s. it's already dropping. the winds are dying. santa rosa 48 degrees. napa down to 40. they are not going to have a tough time getting to 30 degrees tonight. temperatures will just get cooler. the diminishing winds are sort of the reason for the cool down. the clear skies as well. it is cool not just in the north bay. it is cool throughout the bay area. just because you don't have a freeze warning tonight in the bay area, you will see the very cool temperatures. so in freemont tomorrow morning, 32 degrees. 35 in mountain view. santa rosa downtown 34 degrees. again, freeze warning in effect tonight for the north bay. tomorrow night, thursday morning, the freeze warning for the entirety of the bay area, except for san francisco. that's a big deal because you're encompassing oakland and livermore and santa rosa. we here we are tomorrow afternoon, clear skies. chilly. thursday morning, the coldest morning, clear skies. friday morning, cold air is in place. moisture comes into the area. we will see snow on bay area peaks i would imagine. also very low snow levels in lake t
Dec 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
are talking about there freeze warning that will go effect wednesday morning. 14 miles per hour napa. clouds increase tonight. you are not seeing them now. pretty night throughout the bay area. clouds come in. coastal fog cleared away. that is good. cloudy and cooler in the morning hours and wednesday and thursday cold. over night lows tonight chilly, 40 fairfield. 42 antioch. 36 santa rosa. nothing like wednesday and thursday. there is the system. midnight the cold front slides through. this is mr. cold air pulled in behind it. tomorrow night, the clouds are gone, the heat is going to go into space and -- and the winds die down, you will get cool over night lows. 20s in some locations. highs tomorrow, 55. throughout the bay area. these will be warmer into the bay area thursday. there is your forecast highs. there it is. forecast highs right here. forecast highs right there. 50s. warms up for the weekend. the deal is, the homeless issue, the cities are going to get cold. oakland, san francisco, san jose, 30s. that is a big deal. >> a change. it was so nice over the weekend. thank you. >>> kt
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4